Useful information

These webpages provide information that may assist you in preparing to buy a home. 

Government assistance

First Home Owner Grant
First home buyers may be able to receive a grant towards the purchase of a new home.

First Home Owner Rate of Duty (Stamp Duty concession)
First home buyers may be eligible for the first home owner duty concession.

Homebuyer’s guides

Buying a house
Six steps to turn your first home dream into reality

Buying and selling a home
Information on buying, selling, building or renovating a property

Financial advice

How to do a budget
Easy steps to plan and manage how you spend your money

Managing on a low income
Get the most out of your money and feel more financially secure

Save for a house deposit
Find out how much you'll need to save and get tips to help you save faster

Managing debt
Get on top of debt and find help if you need it

Financial counselling
Financial counsellors can assist people in financial difficulty